This morning I was thinking how life is good and how lucky I am for having beautiful baby girls and a great husband, a house, a car… Could call it the American Dream. But then I turned on the news while feeding my baby. Tears. Terrorism all over the world, terrifying police shooting videos and yet email scandals seem to be top of the list on some people’s priorities… I looked down to my innocent baby and said: what world did I bring you to?

There is definitely great amount of good in the world, but unfortunately it’s not for everyone. You can pray for a better world, and it’s good. But prayers without action don’t go anywhere.

Look around you and think what could you do to help make the world better?

Teach your children to respect people, no matter their skin color, religion or background.

Teach your children to take care of the environment, to love the animals and to not reciprocate violence with violence.

Teach your kids that no means no, that sex without consent is not acceptable, and that differences are okay.

Tell your kids it’s okay to make mistakes as long you learn from them and move forward.

Tell your kids you love them unconditionally.

Life is so short, make it worth it for you and for the ones near you. The world is evolving as we are… Small changes will turn into big changes in time.