I’m sitting on my couch after a long day with the kids. Both are now down to sleep, my husband is finishing up some work and I’m drinking a glass of red wine. The living room is still messy, but dishes are clean.

As I think about today, my children behaved like I’d given them two shots of expresso. The 2-year old, my little bear, just wouldn’t stop talking repeating everything she heard and saw. Not once, or twice, but 10 or 15 times. My other baby was smily as usual but becoming more and more vocal and demanding attention. If I didn’t keep engaging with her, she would scream loudly, very loudly. At first, I thought something was wrong, but as soon as I looked back  at her she gave me this beautiful irresistible smile.

I’m tired, dinner was a frozen pre-made meal from Trader Joes, but I made sure we had some green salad and that my toddler had her fruits today. Now, in the silence of my messy living room with my body sinking on the couch all that I can think about is one short sweet moment: this morning my toddler came up to me with a big hug saying: “I love you so much mommy!”

She just recently started to make full sentences, and sometimes she puts together 2-3 phrases.  Her simple sweet gesture filled my soul with joy. The noise and the mess continued throughout the day, but that little moment kept repeating in my head and bringing a smile to my face.

These moments reassure me that we must be doing something right. I know there is so much more to come: more challenges and more joy. But for now, the only thing I can think of is this little human saying I love you mommy. And with a smile on my face I will go to sleep.