“Colorido” is a Portuguese word that means multicolored. I thought it was a cute name for this quick delicious meal I’m about to share with you.

img_6978-1Husband was traveling for work but thank goodness he would be back by dinner time (so I thought at the time I decided to cook). My toddler, J, was behaving like a typical 2 year old, whining and begging for attention and for everything else I could not give her. Meanwhile, my other baby, L, was being good to mommy napping on the swing.

I was supposed to go grocery shopping, but I was too tired and didn’t want to go on my own with the two kids. J had a major temper tantrum earlier on because “mean mommy” didn’t let her play long enough in our friend’s pool. Baby L wasn’t so bad, she just wanted me next to her during all her awake time.

Anyways, husband was coming back probably hungry and tired so I felt he deserved a nice dinner.

I looked around the kitchen and all we had was spaghetti, bacon and some frozen and fresh veggies. I thought I could work something out even with a toddler crabbing on my legs.

I fried some slices of bacon and put them aside on a paper towel. When they were cold and crunchy I broke them into small pieces.

Poured out the excess bacon fat from the frying pan and added some fresh minced garlic.


Fried the garlic for a minute or so and added the frozen veggies with a couple bay leaves.  Sauteed in medium heat for about 3 min.

Added the bell pepper chopped in small pieces with some onion powder, salt and pepper, and cooked for another 2-3 min, adding 1 tablespoon of butter half way.

Added about 2 tablespoons of white wine from an open bottle in the fridge, then the chopped tomatoes and cooked everything for another 2 min.

Added 1/2 cup of light cream and mixed well.

When the spaghetti was cooked, I mixed it with the creamy vegetables and arranged the bacon on top.

It all took 40 min but if you don’t have kids crabbing on you I’m sure you can do it faster

It was delicious with all that crunchy bacon on top!