This photo speaks so much to me.

J was initially very scared of this strange creature. She didn’t want to get close to it.

We told her that there was no reason to be scared, although it was different and much bigger than her, this creature was nice just like the other cartoon characters she liked.

J wasn’t convinced but she still went up the bench, holding on her security blanket, and slowly approached the creature. She touched its shoulders and looked deep into its eyes as saying “I’m your friend”.

Imagine the courage of this little girl, approaching this giant frog trusting her parents that it would be okay. And look at her eyes, compassionate, loving… Her heart was open for the different, for the new.

I see so much beauty in this picture and it reminds me the importance of our lessons to our children. If we encourage them and help them to feel safe, nothing will stop them, not even fear.