img_7036I was feeling nostalgic yesterday and decided to cook something quick and simple that reminded me of my hometown. It was overall a good and productive day, and I went to my first Zumba class which got me very hungry. No light cooking this time! Actually, it was probably the Zumba class that got me nostalgic with all that Latin music and dancing!

My grandma (vovó) would always put hard boiled eggs on top of her spaghetti. It usually didn’t have meat in the tomato sauce so maybe the eggs were to add in some protein. This time I decided to try a modified version of grandma’s spaghetti using brown rice & quinoa spaghetti pasta.

I cooked this pasta for the first time, and I had a minute or so of panic when I thought it was all sticking together in the pot. The boiling water got this milky thick look, but thankfully after the spaghetti was cooked and rinsed it looked just like a regular spaghetti, a little bit stickier but not too bad.


For the sauce, I added some olive oil to a frying pan and fried minced garlic to a light brown. Added ground beef, onion powder (because it is easier than chopping onions), dried sage, dried thyme, parsley flakes, salt and black pepper. You need to fry the beef until it starts to get crispy and slightly brown, but careful to not burn it. Browning the meat adds an extra flavor to it and makes all the difference (science loving people check this out Maillard reaction).

When the meat was ready, slightly brown, I added my favorite marinara sauce and let it cook for a 2-3 minutes. I had to add a little bit more salt and it was ready!

img_7053I poured half of the sauce on the pasta and mixed well. Then, I added the other half and placed hard boiled eggs on top. Ready to eat!

It probably took me half an hour to make this dish. Very simple but delicious! Approved by little J!

Note: never thought I would post so much about food, but here I am… Husband is enjoying it, as I am making more efforts to make things look good and tasty to share with you 🙂