DJB_4113“I love mommy too …”

This is all a mother wants to hear right? Well, it depends… This sentence broke my heart this past week.

Baby L hadn’t nap all day and it was mid afternoon. The house was a mess, little J was more energetic than ever and despite all my efforts to keep her busy (and quite), all she wanted to do was to follow me everywhere.

Now I had a loud and overactive toddler and a crying overtired baby to deal with. I gave J a little project to work on and went to the bedroom to feed the baby and put her to sleep.

Baby L was almost sleeping, and I was ready to leave the room when J comes in screaming:

“Is L sleeping mommy??”

Oh my… baby woke up crying again and I was so angry! I couldn’t hide my emotions and asked J to leave the room.

“J, give me five minutes! Go play… I just need five minutes to get the baby to sleep!”

Of course she noticed I was upset. I usually don’t talk to her in that tone.

She looked at me and with a sweet voice (probably already knowing she would guilt me) : “But I love mommy too…”


I almost cried. I felt so bad… I really had to put the baby to sleep but my other baby needed me too…

I didn’t know what to do, so I just took her to the living room and said I would be back.

“I love you too J, just give me 5 minutes, your sister is almost sleeping”

Somehow J stayed quite this time and baby fell asleep. I came back to the living room feeling so guilty. I hugged her tight and said:

“Mommy loves you so much, sorry I can’t be there for you all the time.”

Her response was: “Mommy is so busy…”

Oh man… this was tough… Two babies that depend on you on different ways and at the same time.

They are little brilliant minds that so powerfully touch the right place on their mother’s heart.