“Mommy! Mommy!” – Shouting…

“Hi J, I am right here” –  I was right next to her.

“I found an ant!” “So cute!”

I looked down, there was a dead ant on the floor.

“J, the ant is dead…”

“She is so cute! so cute!”

“Well, the ant is dead, mommy has to put it away.” “She is in a better place now” – I had no idea what else to say.

“I see it mommy! It’s here!”  – Of course, what was I thinking trying to explain to my 2-year-old that the ant was in a “better place”? The ant was right there!

“This is her body… hum…  her soul is in a better place…” Oh my, I think I just messed this up!

“Mommy I see it!” “So cute!” “I want to show it to daddy!”

“J, I have to put the ant away… her body doesn’t work anymore… she needs to go…”

“Bye bye ant…” “Bye bye…” – J kindly said while I took the ant away.


It just happened…She is over it, playing with her toys. “Bye bye ant…”is stuck in my head.