As August comes to an end, I couldn’t be more excited! Mirror received more than 800 hits and over 400 visitors in its first month!

Thank you all for taking the time to read, comment, and send supporting messages. It  means a lot to me!

When I started Mirror I wasn’t sure where I was going with it. I just felt the need to write and share. My first story was “Why do I dare” which described my personal journey growing up in a small town in Brazil and eventually becoming a scientist in the US.

I’ve written about my experiences as a parent, staying home with a toddler and an little baby, including simple yet delicious recipes of food that I cook when my kids are not demanding too much. On tough days we order pizza. 🙂

Most of what I wrote was extremely personal, such as the confessions from a soul 1,2,3. Those are things that I usually don’t share with others. It all came straight from my heart and I tried to leave a positive message because I believe that each experience, good or bad, helped to mold me into a better person. Things happen for a reason – if I had to go through so many difficult experiences, the least I could do was to share my stories to help others that could potentially be experiencing similar situations. It always gets better, so don’t give up!

I would like to thank my dear husband for editing most of my posts to make sure it would come across without too many grammar mistakes or crazy nonsensical Portuguese-English translations. 🙂 And thanks to my loving friend H.E. that also helped to edit my first post.

Thanks to Stomperdad for the first comment on my blog! 

Thanks to Thedaddyblitz for adding me to his Faith and Family Bloggers group on Facebook, where I met many interesting bloggers sharing amazing stories. 

Thanks to Bloominuterus for sharing my endometriosis post on her blog and for the wonderful work she does to bring awareness about this disease.

Thanks to all the Brazilians reading my posts! They are the second biggest followers after the US. Obrigada!

I hope to continue to share my stories with you and hear more about your own experiences too! The world is at our finger tips and no matter where you are, as long as you have internet :), we can communicate and exchange stories and ideas.

Hope to continue to see you here!