“Mommy I need some food in my tummy.”

Baby crying in the background.

“Mommy, mommy, mommy!!”

Tired babe, hyperactive toddler, zombie mother.

“J, take this very special snack and go eat it in  your ‘house'”- Referring to a little tent she has in her bedroom.

“Come on baby, sleep…” Baby is fed and changed. She finally closes her eyes when toddler comes in.

“Mommy! Mommy! What are you doing?”

“Putting your sister to sleep. Can you go play in your bedroom?” – Trying to keep my voice low and a friendly facial expression.

“Okay mommy!” Happily shouting and waking baby up.

None of us took a nap today. Baby and toddler seem happy, full of energy.

Nights have been tough – to blame the famous 4 month old sleep regression (it can actually be any time between 3-6 months).

Then, I came across this article, and it all made sense.

“This probably sounds familiar: your sweet little 4 month old baby, who was sleeping well at night and taking long, restorative naps during the day, has suddenly turned into a sleepless, cranky mess.”

-Yep! I was having good night of sleep and 1-2h for myself every day until a week ago.

“Now, you have an exhausted, fussy baby on your hands – one who won’t fall asleep (let alone stay asleep)”

– Welcome to my life!

“After 4 months, though, all bets are off! As your baby’s brain matures, around the 4 month mark, her sleeping patterns change – they become more like yours. Now, she is cycling between light and deep sleep – just like you. When you look at it this way, it’s clear that the 4 month sleep regression is a very normal, very healthy developmental milestone, just like learning to walk and talk. So if your baby is currently going through the 4 month sleep regression, congratulations” – her growth and development is right on track!”

– Thanks. Should I feel better?

“Here’s the thing to remember about the 4 month sleep regression: it doesn’t go away”

– What?! I don’t want to hear that!

“Once you understand the what and why behind the 4 month sleep regression, and once you’ve taken steps to cope and stay rested in the short-term, it’s time to start teaching your baby a new way to sleep. This process is called sleep training, or sleep coaching.”

-Okay, ‘stay rested in the short term’ is not going to happen with a sweet toddler around. I guess I will just wait and hope this transition doesn’t take too long!

Cute baby

It’s my second child, and I know I went through this before but I don’t think we get used to sleep deprivation. I am a grumpy zombie with a bad memory.

The only thing I know is that it will pass, it is all temporary. Then, in a couple of years she will be waking up her new baby sibling. What?! I didn’t just say that! – Just kidding! 🙂

Gotta keep it positive and embrace the chaos!