A poem I wrote thinking of my grandfather.

Through my eyes you were a hero
Going through the dark, fighting dragons
Through my eyes you were the light
Shining hope, defeating fear
Through my eyes you were love
Warming hearts, calming spirits

Through your eyes I was in danger
Helpless, abandoned child
Through your eyes I was an angel
Innocent, fighting to survive
Through your eyes I was the future
Open book, blank page

Through your love I found safety
Through your care I found peace
Through your eyes I found myself
Through my life I found hope

As your eyes close, my heart breaks
The darkness, the dragons, the fear
As you go, I lose my soul
The safety, the peace, the hope

Through the memories I find strength
The love that never dimmed
The smile that never fainted
The trust that never left

Through my eyes you are now a memory
In my life you are the inspirer
In my future you are the hope
In my heart you are love


Originally posted at http://www.reecedaniel.com/

I had the pleasure to have this poem published on Reece Daniel’s website. He is a talented writer and is finishing up his first novel. Check out his website!