I would like to share with you this touching post about breastfeeding. Each mom has a different experience, I myself didn’t have a very good experience in the beginning with the first child but with the second one it was much easier! When it works well, it’s a magical way to bond with your baby. Thanks for letting me share it, Lauren! 🙂


img_3901Breastfeeding. Is there an experience as bittersweet? I have devoted almost three years of my life to nursing. No bottles. No pumps. And – to the great shock of many – I still have a career outside of the home. Some would call this an accomplishment…or insanity.

Lately, however, something has been coming between my daughter and I. Two things actually. Ivy the Otter and Elton the Elephant – they must be held while my little girl nurses.

It’s a transition that has emerged slowly, but now my youngest’s message is clear: Mom, I am learning to find security outside of you.

But this isn’t my first circus – I know what comes next.

And every day I am left to wonder: Will today produce the last menagerie?

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