Halloween is a fun holiday, but I’ve never celebrated it until I moved to the USA. I’d been to some costume parties back in Brazil, but it doesn’t compare to the experience I had here. I was amazed seeing some people casually walking down the streets dressed up in Halloween costumes, going to school or to work wearing it. And, all the decorations in the neighborhood! Some houses were very scary at night!

I was intrigued how people wouldn’t mind to have monsters, witches and coffins in front of their houses. I used to be very superstitious (not that I have changed much) so having monsters and coffins in my house was something I would never consider doing.Β  But eventually I got used to it, and actually, I am now considering decorating my own house for Halloween! – Would still avoid the coffins tough…

Until early this week, I’d never carved a pumpkin. I was not planning on doing it this year but I changed my mind after reading a post from a fellow blogger that had just picked up pumpkins for Halloween with his family. I was inspired by their tradition and decided to give it a try.

We started small. I bought a little pumpkin and made it a project to carve and decorate it with my toddler. I did all the work that required a knife, then I gave her a spoon to take out the seeds. Then I gave her red finger paint and sparkling glue to decorate it.

It was fun and we both enjoyed it. Maybe it will be the start of new tradition for us πŸ™‚

Check out our little project!