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Why do I Dare? From Red Dirt to White Snow

When I was 12 I made one of the biggest decisions of my life. I decided to leave my home in a small town in Brazil to find opportunities for a better life. I had been raised by my grandparents since I was 2, soon after my parents got divorced.

We lived in a simple house in a rural town in Brazil. I remember playing outside on the street, covered in red dirt. Our street wasn’t paved, so I would walk into the house with my dirty shoes bringing the red dirt inside, which made grandma very mad. It wasn’t easy to wash the dirt off our clothes, so grandma had to let the clothes sit in detergent in the sun before hand washing them. We didn’t have a machine washer or a microwave, but there was a nice old fashioned wood burner stove where my grandparents would make fruit compote or roast coffee. Sometimes they would cook dinner there too; my grandma believed that food made on the wood burner stove tasted much better. She had a lot of beliefs that would be fun to share at some point; for example, she would get very mad if I took a shower right after eating because she thought I could die from it. Never mind drinking coffee after eating a banana or drinking milk after eating mangos, which she believed, would cause stomachache… Well, I guess she never had a smoothie before.

Grandparents House

For a while we had a black and white TV so I was very excited when my grandpa was able to afford buying a color TV. I was very young, but I remember that the old TV had an antenna on top of it, and sometimes the channels wouldn’t work well so we had to put some steel wool around the antenna to get a better signal. It worked just fine.


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