For the first time in a while I have a quiet afternoon to myself where I am able to sit down and write. Baby L is growing up fast, she is 7 months old now, crawling everywhere and demanding much more attention than before. She pulls herself up and is trying to do her first steps already, so lots of falling down. As long as she is safe, I let her try and fall, after all, falling is part of learning not only when we are babies but also when we are grown up adults.

baby fall

I don’t think I can count all my falls, I had so many. Especially because I always liked to challenge my limits, always wanted to do different things and had a little bit of a competitive spirit. Maybe it is what made me who I am today, it is what gave me the courage to change the course of my life so many times, challenging the status of quo and succeeding where many didn’t.

Some of my attempts failed, I’ve embarrassed myself and I wished I didn’t have to look some people in the eye again. But you know, eventually I had to get up and go. Life doesn’t stop because we are feeling down. You continue to grow old, the world keeps changing, and the people around you keep moving.

Sometimes, we can waste years feeling miserable and sorry for ourselves by comparing our lives to others. We find a million of excuses or reasons to justify why we’d failed or why our life didn’t turn out as we’d dreamed.

The truth is, if you look close enough, everyone has problems, everyone has a dream that didn’t come true, everyone messed up at least once in their lives. It is also true that some are luckier than others, and some didn’t have to work so hard to succeed in their life.

However, success and happiness are relative. What is important to me may not be important to you. What causes me pain and suffering may just be an unfortunate situation in your mind. We shouldn’t measure our success and our happiness by someone else standard. Each one has their own baggage, their culture, their dreams.

Even tough not all of our dreams may come true, we shouldn’t give up on ourselves. I am actually glad that some of the things I dreamed of didn’t happen. If they had happened, I would not have the beautiful family I have today, and I would not even had finished college.

My grandfather used to say “God writes straight with crooked lines”. I came to believe it is true. But I also believe that nothing comes for ‘free’. We need to work and do our part to achieve what we want. No one will do it for us.

So, as I think about baby L falling down over and over again but never giving up trying, I just wish she won’t lose this determination when she grows up. Falling down hurts, and it can be embarrassing. But the courage to get up and try again will pay off in the end. You will be walking among giants (That’s what I think baby L goal is πŸ™‚ )

baby cruising