A couple of months ago I published an interview with Jill Kubit, a co-founder of the DearTomorrow project. Since then, I have been in touch with Jill and I volunteered to work with them. If you haven’t heard about this project before, I encourage you to watch this this video.


The way I see it, the planet Earth is our home. We want to provide our kids with a clean, safe and comfortable home. So, the same way we search for safe neighborhoods, good schools, and  healthy food for our children, we should also care about leaving a safe and clean planet for them and for their future generation to grow and thrive.


Thinking about the future and about climate change can be scary and we may think that there is not much we can do to stop it. The beauty of the DearTomorrow project, in my opinion, is that it shows us that we can today take small actions that will impact how our children will live in the big transformations our planet is going through.

Fall Canada

After watching the documentary Before the Flood by Leonardo DiCaprio, I became even more determined to support DearTomorrow and to do whatever I can to bring awareness and to drive more actions to change the conversation around climate change.


We live in a beautiful planet that so far has provided us with all the means to survive and thrive. We must care for this planet and we must protect it for the sake of our children.


DearTomorrow is giving us the opportunity to think about climate change with a personal perspective.

  • Imagine you children living in 2050.
  • How old will they be? -Mine will be around 30 years old.
  • Imagine how the world would look like not only in our side of the planet, but in other areas that are less fortunate than us.
  • Now, imagine your children in 2050 asking you: “Mom/Dad, you were living in the world when all these transformations were taking place. You heard about the predictions, you saw what could happen. What did you do about it?”
  • What would be your answer?

I don’t know for sure what the future holds, I don’t know how precise the predictions are. But, there is one thing I know: Our planet is being contaminated, it is getting warmer, and Nature tends to react in order to find a new balance. So why not take action now to prevent the worse?


When I was pregnant, they told me there was less than 1% chance that eating raw fish could harm my baby by exposing her to a certain bacteria. I didn’t eat raw fish even tough sushi was my favorite food. If scientists are telling me there is a chance (no matter how big or small) that the transformations our planet is going through will negatively affect the life my children will have, I will definitely do what I can to prevent or minimize these effects.

So, as a mother, I ask you to help me support this cause. I am participating in the 2017 crowdfund for DearTomorrow and would be very thankful if you participate by donating any amount you can. You can find information about the funding and DearTomorrow’s 5-year plan here. If you donate, please let me know, so I can shout out a big Thank You!

If you can’t donate money, please consider reading the letters and sharing them. If you feel inspired, you can also write your own letter.

Please help in any way you can!

To donate any amount, please click HERE

Thank you!!