Since we had baby L, our 2.5yo is having some regression on her behavior while trying to compete with the baby for attention. She loves her little sister but she also wants to be treated like a baby. Because of that, all the advances we had made on potty training were lost or at least put on hold for a little while.

We are convinced that our toddler is ready to do her potty training, but she refuses to do it. The other day, I was trying to have a nice conversation with her about using the potty, mentioning all her friends and cousins that were ‘big girls and big boys’ and were already potty trained. I explained how nice it would be if she did the same. Then, she looked at me with a serious face and said:

-Mommy goes to potty but baby L doesn’t, she is only a baby.

-Yes, J you are right.

-hmm Daddy goes to potty too… [silence]… but daddy doesn’t sit down. [inquisitive expression]

-I smiled: that’s right J, boys don’t need to sit down.

-Yes, boys don’t need to sit down, mommy. So daddy is a boy. 

That was it for the day. I thought it was funny and cute… Good observations nevertheless. 

Potty toddler