I’ve been behind publishing new posts (let alone reading), so my apologizes for sometimes not reciprocating to my kind blog followers. I will try to get back to it and read/write new posts as much as I can!

Baby is on the move and already wants to copy her big sister, so not much time sitting around anymore… I miss those breastfeeding days where I would just cuddle with baby almost all day and on the side type some posts on my phone. Now both are at home and need my full attention. The 24/7 mom has barely time to eat 🙂

But, thinking about eating, we all have to  eat eventually! I miss eating home-made Brazilian food, so I’m trying to cook things that remind me of home. As you may know (if you follow me for a while or have read my older posts), I’m from a small and rural town in Brazil and all we cooked was very simple. Simple and tasty!

For this recipe you stir fry your favorite meat with your favorite ingredients, then add veggies and rice. It will be ready when the rice is fully cooked. For this one, I added a lot of garlic, some thyme, onion powder, salt and pepper while stir frying sirloin tips cut into small pieces. Added frozen vegetables, then 2 cups of rice. Mixed well and added enough water to just cover the rice, cooking at medium-low heat. To avoid burning the bottom, once in while I mixed the rice with a big spoon and when the rice was fully cooked, I added cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese mixing them all.

The final touch, was to add a fried egg on top. Hmm taste of home! 🙂

Sorry I am not providing specifics for this recipe… To be honest, I don’t remember as I made it a few days ago and baby brain is definitely a thing! But, it is not hard to make and you can add whatever you have at home.

Bom apetite!