Our children’s innocent and honest words can break our heart sometimes. J loves her dad immensely and they have a very special bond. For her, when anything breaks or stops working she is quick on saying : “daddy can fix it!” Her dad is always ‘fixing’ things, from changing batteries in a toy to repairing broken appliances in the house. And even better, “daddy is funny” and “so strong” that he makes her fly on her bouncy horse. Her dad could ‘fix anything’ until our cable provider had a outrage.

I was trying to put a movie on for J and I to watch, but I couldn’t get the TV to work. It wasn’t clear what the problem was, so I told J I was going to call daddy.

“Daddy can fix it mommy!”

I called my husband, but he was in a meeting so I told her we would try again later when her dad were at home. As soon as my husband got home, J told him the TV was not working: “… but you can fix it daddy!”

He tried to ‘fix’ the TV but after a few trials we called the cable company and figured out that the problem was on their end. There was nothing we could do but wait.

“Sorry J, daddy can’t fix the TV this time. We have to wait.” My husband said.

J looked at him very disappointed : “Yeah… I guess you are not so good at fixing things anymore…”

I looked at my husband and he had this sad face, he was paralyzed looking at his daughter. He’d disappointed his little girl. “I’m sorry J, it will get fixed but we have to wait.” He then made sure to tell her: “…but daddy can still fix a lot of things!”

As I write this I have a smile on my face, thinking how much we, as parents, are worried about disappointing our kids even in the smallest things. We always want them to be proud of us and want to assure them that we can ‘fix’ everything. Of course we can’t fix everything and they might get disappointed a few more times while they grow up and realize that we are just people, like them, without any superpower. But, the beauty of it, is that even though we will disappoint them sometimes, if we love and care for them, they will still be proud of us and will remember and cheer these little tender moments of childhood innocence.

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