Mirror & Soul

Reflections on life and motherhood: short stories, positive thinking and recipes!

Life Story

In this category I share my personal journey growing up in a small town in Brazil, becoming a scientist at MIT, becoming a mother and overcoming fears and anxiety. I hope that these stories bring hope and inspiration to whoever is going through similar situation. We can do whatever we put our minds to! Don’t let anything stop you, not even fear!

Why do I dare? From red dirt to white snow

Faith in Science or Faith in God?

Motherhood: The Birth of a New Woman

The pain has a name and hope for a cure: The End to Endometriosis

Confessions from a soul. Part 1: When fear shadows happiness

Confessions from a soul. Part 2: Meeting my demons

Confessions from a soul. Part 3: Light and freedom

Because you loved me: A first look into child development

Through My Eyes

The Woman

Sometimes you have to let them go

The key to love

Blank Pages

Women’s March For All

Are You Christian?

The Line Between Vanity And Self-Love

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